Testing and Production Modes

In order to help you easily test your API connections, KOR Connect allows you to switch your connections to Testing Mode. When your connections are in Testing Mode you can work and make REST requests to your target API from your local computer (as if it were localhost), and you can also work with API tools such as Postman to make sure that your application works as intended. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can switch your connection to Production Mode in which the complete security module built into KOR Connect will be activated.

When working in Testing Mode, you only need to make your requests with an x-api-key header. You can find the value for this header in the snippet section of your KOR Connection. This allows you to confirm that the API requests made to your target API return the desired response.

KOR's Recommendation:

To improve your project's security while it's in development we recommend that you deploy two connections, one for testing purposes and one for production environments, using the following setting:

Testing and Production Mode Diagram

If your frontend implementation has already implemented two or more environments (such as development, testing, sandbox, production, etc), you can use this setup and configure different environment variables in your front end to point to their respective connections.

All connections should be kept and left in Production Mode. However when you are in development you only need to switch the Development Connection into Testing Mode. Once you are satisfied with the changes and improvements that you implemented, you can switch the Development Connection to Production Mode again in order to completely secure all the calls that can be made to your target API.

Note: Due to allowing calls in Testing Mode from off browser (in order to use Postman etc), and local testing, it is less secure than Production Mode. Make sure the development environment is not exposed to the public when set in Testing Mode.

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