KOR Connect

KOR Connect is a middleware that allows users to connect to APIs from any application and client easily and without exposing secrets in the process.

A common use case for KOR Connect is publishing a static site that will use a few APIs to display data to any visitor. The APIs will most likely require that you authenticate with an API key which you don't want to hardcode on the site as it will be available for anyone visiting the site. You also don't want to bother to spin up a backend and maintain infrastructure just to keep the middleware or server so here's where KOR Connect comes in.

All you need to do is to create a new connection in your dashboard, give it the API url, securely store your token and KOR will give you a new URL to call along with a few example snippets to streamline the implementation on your site.

It's as simple as it gets and you get some additional security features.

What additional security features does KOR Connect add?

Each connection you create uses an attestation provider to validate requests. We use ReCaptcha as the provider and we also leverage it in other ways such as scoring traffic and blocking suspicious requests.

KOR Connect aims to be the simplest way of integrating with APIs.

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